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Customer Testimonials

I had an electrical emergency in that I bought a new house in The Junction area that needed Knob & tube removal and rewiring to be ESA certified for insurance. The work had to be done while I was working out of town and I could only meet with an electrician on the Sundy before I left. Anne called me first thing in the morning to let me know Gus would be in touch shortly and Gus called 5 minutes later. In 20 minutes, Gus was at the house and gave me a walkthrough discussing what I'd like to have done. He was patient and thorough and true to his word. Jack & his crew came in and did a great job pulling out the knob & tube and EXTENTION CORD attached to the K&T! They put in great 12w pots throughout with dimmers, moved a ceiling fan, put in a new 200 board, and did extras like cut stone backspalash in the kitchen for better fitting outlets, added lights in mudroom & attic at no xtra cost. All drywall holes were minimal & patched & sanded. They were curteous, professional, and left the place clean. I got the house completely ESA certified. Definite reccomend!

—Matthew Edison, Toronto