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Customer Testimonials

friday night my power meter base blew. called him and he explained how it would be difficult to give a real quote, but gave me a ballpark that would change depending on factors one he saw the problem. he said he would check into what was required on saturday and then call me with more details. left the house on saturday (because i had no a/c!) and got a call that he was at the house, and already was doing repairs! he finished it all, cleaned it up, and called toronto hydro to reactivate power. He did the work, hadn't even met me, and i had not yet paid a dime (much less a deposit). What's more, because I was away, he told me how much it would cost, and said to leave a cheque in the mailbox and he would pick it up the next day while in the area. This man is a godsend! Came and left mysteriously and the work was all done! PLUS: He came in well below all the numbers he quoted me!!! I didn't have a 'go-to electrician' before, but i definitely do now!!!!

—Brian, North York