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Customer Testimonials

We at Deal and Company Electrical blend together our expertise in engineering and the latest technology to bring to you innovative solutions in a wide array of commercial, industrial, and residential segments. But what makes Deal and Company perform better than its competition? For it is the belief that our esteemed customers have in the solutions we provide them. Let it be individuals or corporate clients, our efficient service and innovative approach always makes it easy for our customers to connect in a positive way with us.

That is why we have surged as one of the best commercial electrical installation and repairs company, with electrical contracting and electrician network, which is known to provide cost effective solutions for all electrical needs. Not only that we also provide 24/7 365 on call service and none of your calls are unanswered with us.

We Called Deal and Company Electrical to install some pot lights and to remove the old wireing in our home. They were very professional, polite, clean and fast. We are deffinitly going to be using them in the summer time to install out outdoot lighting. We have recommended them since! A+++ Services

—W.K, Toronto

friday night my power meter base blew. called him and he explained how it would be difficult to give a real quote, but gave me a ballpark that would change depending on factors one he saw the problem. he said he would check into what was required on saturday and then call me with more details. left the house on saturday (because i had no a/c!) and got a call that he was at the house, and already was doing repairs! he finished it all, cleaned it up, and called toronto hydro to reactivate power. He did the work, hadn't even met me, and i had not yet paid a dime (much less a deposit). What's more, because I was away, he told me how much it would cost, and said to leave a cheque in the mailbox and he would pick it up the next day while in the area. This man is a godsend! Came and left mysteriously and the work was all done! PLUS: He came in well below all the numbers he quoted me!!! I didn't have a 'go-to electrician' before, but i definitely do now!!!!

—Brian, North York

I had an electrical emergency in that I bought a new house in The Junction area that needed Knob & tube removal and rewiring to be ESA certified for insurance. The work had to be done while I was working out of town and I could only meet with an electrician on the Sundy before I left. Anne called me first thing in the morning to let me know Gus would be in touch shortly and Gus called 5 minutes later. In 20 minutes, Gus was at the house and gave me a walkthrough discussing what I'd like to have done. He was patient and thorough and true to his word. Jack & his crew came in and did a great job pulling out the knob & tube and EXTENTION CORD attached to the K&T! They put in great 12w pots throughout with dimmers, moved a ceiling fan, put in a new 200 board, and did extras like cut stone backspalash in the kitchen for better fitting outlets, added lights in mudroom & attic at no xtra cost. All drywall holes were minimal & patched & sanded. They were curteous, professional, and left the place clean. I got the house completely ESA certified. Definite reccomend!

—Matthew Edison, Toronto

Deal and Company Electrical are a real deal!

I have used Deal & Company Electrical Services several times to do electrical installations and repairs in the last two homes I have owned. On all occasions their work has been superb and very reasonably priced, unlike several other electricians I've had do work for me in the past. Deal and Company are experts especially at troubleshooting, courteous, respectful of my home, and creative problem solvers (even recommending solutions I could do myself rather than pay to have them do it). On the last job they did for me they also brought several deficiencies in the electrical work done by the builder, one of which posed a potential hazard and advised me to be sure to let the builder know that these problems needed to be addressed as soon as possible. Such attention to detail and concern for the well-being of their customers is what makes them consummate and truly trustworthy professionals.

—Audrey, Toronto