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Lutron Blinds

Lutron Blinds


Looking for a way to make your home smart? If the answer is yes, let us help you install automatic blinds! We love installing Lutron’s functional and stylish motorized shades. There are 8 shade styles and over 1, 500 materials to choose from including fabric, bamboo, vinyl and faux wood.

Why do we love them?

Well, we can tell you from personal experience as 2 of our electricians have installed the Contract Roller Shades in their own homes. They are customized to fit any window, slim, quiet and chic. More important than aesthetics, Lutron uses sustainable materials and they save energy which means you save money on your energy bill. This is made possible by their customizable programmed switch. You can program them to open during daylight to utilize the heat in the winter and close during daylight to keep out the solar heat in the summer. We also love that you are not restricted to a remote or wall switch as you can use their app to program it directly on your phone. This means you can open/close the blinds anytime, anywhere - need I say more?


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